ECG Analysis

Our ECG Analysis offers Analog (tape-based) and digital Holter monitoring services designed to meet the specific needs of our clients and their patients.


Holter Monitoring

SPI provides complete tradition holter scanning services. These service options allow great flexibility to the end user  with multiple billing and service options.

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Over Flow Scanning

SPI specializes in Over-Flow scanning or the processing of a test waiting to be analyzed by a certified professional by accessing your system via VPN.

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Our Services

Holter Services

SPI provides complete tradition holter scanning services. These service options allow great flexibility to the end user. With multiple billing and service options. Please contact us for more information in this area.

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Event Services

Cardiac Event Monitoring is used to diagnose heart rhythm problems that may happen infrequently for a period of up to 30 days. These monitors are able to record the electrical activity of a patient’s heart when they feel a particular symptom or when the recorder detects a rhythm abnormality.

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Scanning Services

SPI realizes that in many circumstances the need for an extra person to help in holter scanning would be a huge plus to many facilities. However restraints such as qualified staff, new employee costs, and other related cost factors may prohibit a facility from seeking these needed resources.

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Mobile Cardiac Telemetry

SPI prides itself on delivering the latest and most up to date equipment in the cardiac monitoring industry. We are very excited to offer to all of our customers worldwide, the most advanced MCOT device in the market today.

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About SPI Scanning

SPI has been offering cardiac scanning services for over 10 years. we have been providing physicians & their patients peace of mind through state-of-the-art cardiac monitoring services. Over a half million patient tests have been conducted for more than 10,000 physicians and over 200 hospitals.

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SPI Scanning services helped me to get the help I needed when I needed it. My doctor referred me to them and I have never looked back.

John Parker

Cardiac Patient, Colorado